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IMEC EXPO 2023 is an excellent and strategic platform for the Sourcing, Product Procurement, Connections and Communications within the medical markets.

This show will help elevate your brand and attract desired attention sought after in the vibrant and fast-growing medical economies in Asia. Further spurred by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, measures to further develop and strengthen healthcare systems will also become a higher priority for governments across the region, further enhancing the opportunities for business.

“The Asian Healthcare Industry is also poised to continue its exponential growth with the expansion of universal healthcare across the region boosting utilization of medical services, even as the prevalence of chronic diseases rise in tandem with the shift in lifestyles and an ageing population. Consequently, private healthcare providers will be highly active, expanding their presence and undertaking measures to attract medical tourists within Asia.”

(Source: HealthcareAsia Magazine)

With active and consistent engagement, IMEC EXPO 2023 expects more than 200 exhibitors from medical manufacturers and distributors from Asia and beyond to promote their respective products and present their innovations.

It is also projected that about 8000 potential visitors from Medical Professionals, Sourcing and Procurement Managers, Product Importers and Distributors, will explore all the Exhibition Halls and discover industry’s latest trends and advancements.

Exhibitor Profiles

IMEC EXPO 2023 will feature a variety of quality products and services which will be able to satisfy the unique needs of the attendees such as:

Diagnostic Equipment

Disposable Medical Equipment

Clinical Laboratory Equipment

Surgical Apparatus & Equipment

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Equipment

Dental Apparatus & Equipment

Hospital Facilities

Emergency Equipment

Medical Information System

Pharmaceutical Products & Equipment

Skincare / Healthcare Equipment

Medical Manufacturing Equipment

Consultancy Services

Training Services

Testing & Assessment Services

Certification & Auditing Services

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